65 Million Square Feet of Solar Rooftops: Powering 162,000 Homes


In an ambitious move, a Californian utility plans to create a massive, distributed “powerplant” by installing a total of 2 square miles of solar cells on the roofs of businesses. Southern California Edison plans to install 250 megawatts’ worth of solar power, generating enough electricity to power 162,000 homes.


Green Wombat reports:

It’s a potentially game-changing move, one that could lower the cost of solar cells as manufacturers ramp up production to meet the utility’s schedule of installing a megawatt-a-week of arrays until it reaches the 250-megawatt target. That alone is more than United States’ entire production of solar cells in 2006 and will generate as much electricity as a small coal-fired power plant, albeit with no greenhouse gas emissions.

The $875 million initiative also marks the first big foray into so-called distributed energy by a major utility. Instead of building a centralized power station and the expensive transmission system needed to transmit electricity to the power grid, Edison will connect clusters of solar arrays into existing neighborhood circuits. A significant hurdle for the massive megawatt solar power plants planned for California’s Mojave Desert is the need in some cases to build multi billion-dollar transmission systems through environmentally sensitive lands to bring the electricity to coastal metropolises.

The initiative will work like this: Edison will lease the warehouse rooftop space from building owners in Riverside and San Bernardino counties. The utility will outsource the installation, and retain ownership of the solar cells.

This plan will be exciting if it is achieved, and it will become a model for other utilities to follow.

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4 thoughts on “65 Million Square Feet of Solar Rooftops: Powering 162,000 Homes”

  1. The reason they won’t do residential roofs is the hassle factor cost. They want very large installations to keep the overhead costs down. Also, residential roofs are not level, which makes installation more challanging, not to mention reduced illumination on parts of the roof. But I agree, why not include LA, Ventura, and Orange county too. Go figure.

  2. I believe, this is fairly nice start of massive use of free and endless solar power, even though the government still 100% supports oil and coal, but that is going to change after elections anyway.

  3. I work for this company. I don’t know WHY it’s only the Riverside and San Bernardino counties. There are plenty of warehouse roofs also in Orange, and Los Angeles county, not to mention Ventura county as well too. This would be really sweet too if they were to extend it to roofs other than just warehouses: industrial roofs, commercial roofs, heck, even residential roofs.

    Oh well, this in itself is a GREAT START for my company. Unfortunately, my company has a long history of beuracrocy (i don’t think i spelled it right), so who knows if they will get 50MW a year like they plan too.

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