100% Renewable Power For Durango City, Colorado

The city of Durango will soon be powered by 100% renewable energy (we believe that wind power will be used). Green power currently constitutes about 10% of city power purchases.

The extra the city pays for green energy will add about $120,000 a year to its electrical bill officials said. But the extra cost will be offset by an energy audit aimed at cutting power consumption. With the wind power option, electric customers pay $1.25 per block of 100-kilowatt-hours in addition to their regular rate.

The extra that consumers pay for their power funds investment by power producers in alternative-energy sources such as hydropower, solar and wind. But electricity from all sources flows on the same line. In 2006, Durango used almost 8.15 million kilowatt-hours of power at a cost of $779,000.

Portland has also said it will soon be using 100% renewable power. :: Via Durango Herald

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