Modern Rainwater Tank: The LUMI


Unfortunately, most rainwater tanks and cisterns are unsightly blocks of concrete or plastic. The LUMI Rainwater Tank, however, was designed by Katrina Logan to be visually appealing. It’s made of sculptural satin acrylic and can be made in a range of colors and sizes (250 liters – 1100 liters). The tank glows in the sunlight, making the rainwater reserves visible, and has internal lights that illuminate the tank in the evening.

Often, architects try to conceal and disguise water tanks on the side of the house or with various landscaping techniques, but Logan’s design eliminates the ugliness of common storage tanks. In the LUMI, she’s successfully targeting the inner city design community. And early in October 2006, she received The City of Melbourne Sustainability Design Award.

Via: Jetson Green

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