Solar Chill Evaporative Coolers

Notes from Manufacturer:

Recommended for drier climates. Works when humidity < 40%

  • Cut your cooling costs by up to 90%
  • Low wattage cooling: from 20 to 150 watts
  • This is a cooler that can run on 1 or 2 solar panels, or a car battery
  • More environmentally friendly – no freon
  • Cabinet is 24 gauge stainless steel, warranted against leaking for
    5 years

Cool 110°F air to 75°F by evaporating water. Nearly 16,000 BTUs
of cooling is gained for each gallon of water evaporated. Evaporation rates
in the Solar Chill™ can range from 1 to 7 gallons per hour. The extremely
low wattage allows the solar chill to operate well on just one or two solar
PV panels. This lowers the payback period for a Solar Chill™ system
to about 3 to 5 years. Though we recommend powering the Solar Chill™ with
PVs, they can also be run on 115 VAC Adapters, or even a car battery charger.

The Solar Chill™ uses an 8″ thick, wetted CelDek™ pad,
and is efficient for both airflow and evaporation. The Celdek costs $20
per cubic foot. The large cooler pad costs $75 (included with purchase)
and should last for 5 years with proper maintenance.

Highly efficient DC motors, usually with permanent magnets replace the
inefficient AC induction motor. Propeller fans are used to move the air
in the Solar Chill™ instead of the traditional squirrel cage type
blower (which require higher wattage’s).

Minimal duct work is recommended with a Solar Chill™ to obtain maximum
efficiency with lower wattages. All of our models can optionally be made
into down draft models for roof installation, with the addition of a 90
degree elbow. Local sheet metal shops can easily and inexpensively make
one of these out of 24 or 26 gauge galvanized steel.

Purchase from: Alternative Energy Store

Amazon also offer a large range of evaporative coolers.

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