Swampy IceStrMystr 12-Volt Model IM-30

Notes from Manufacturer:

The IceStrMystr IM30 combines ice induced Air
Conditioning with the age-old art of evaporative cooling. The cold water
rushes through a special Cooling Core to produce air-conditioned air instead
of merely evaporative cooled air. You can now choose your own size of cooling
container. The water contained in your Ice Chest is cooled by ice or ice
substitutes like reusable Freeze Packs which are available in many local
stores in most areas.

You can get cooler air from an IceStrMystr
than a standard Evaporative Cooler, even after the ice melts. This is possible
because of the two stage cooling process.

A fully charged 105 amp hour deep cycle battery should
last from 8 to 12 hours on low or medium speeds without charging.

The IM-30 evaporative system will cool for two to four hours on one gallon
of water. Incorporating the dual cooling system, by adding ice, provides
a sizable temperature drop from evaporative cooling alone. If you do not
need the cold air ice produces and the humidity is low, you may wish to
accelerate the evaporative cooling system by utilizing reusable Freeze

How it works: Block or cube ice is placed in the ice chest which chills
the water. The water is then pumped into a special chilling core inside
the Swampy and also through the evaporative pads. The blower motor draws
ambient air through the evaporative pads pre-cooling the air before it
is drawn through the chilling core. After the air is cooled it is directed
outward to cool the occupants. The water that has been used plus excess
humidity in the air and not evaporated during this process is then returned
back to the ice chest to complete the cycle.

Price: $487
including shipping

Home Page: Swampy.Net

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