Flicker-Free and Low Blue Light Monitors

Quick Answer

ASUS and Acer offer new monitors with “Eye Care technology”. These brands are generally the best choices if you are looking for a Low Blue Light (LBL) and flicker-free monitor.

Lenovo and BENQ also offer Low Blue Light monitors but don’t claim to be flicker-free.

These are both flicker-free and low blue light monitors:

More Details About Low Blue Light Monitors

Monitors with Low Blue Light (LBL) technology filter out the harmful blue lights, which can cause eye strain to those sensitive to them.

Another common symptom users experience is having trouble falling asleep after exposure to low blue light before bed.

Almost all modern monitors have a low-blue light filter.

You can usually find it in the monitor’s On-Screen Display menu — look for a feature called ‘Low Blue Light’ or something similar.

Some monitors will apply the low blue light filter to certain picture presets, such as Reader Mode, Eye Saver, Text Viewing, Paper, etc.

Enabling the LBL mode/preset may or may not change the screen’s brightness, depending on the monitor. If it does not, remember that an optimal brightness setting is vital for a comfortable viewing experience.

In dim-lit rooms, you should decrease brightness and increase it if you’re in a room with plenty of light.

If you have an older monitor that lacks Low Blue Light Technology, you can manually decrease the output of blue color in the monitor’s color temperature settings.

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