A List Of High CRI LED Bulbs

These are the highest CRI LED bulb I could find:

  1. Waveform Lighting 60W 2700K Bulb: 98 CRI, <1% flicker — non-dimmable — $18 per bulb
  2. KOZE Day Full Spectrum Light Bulb: 97 CRI — dimmable — $25 per bulb
  3. SYLVANIA LED TruWave Natural Series A21 Light Bulb — CRI 90 but is flicker-free in any dimmer — $29 for pack of six
  4. GE Sun Filled LED Floodlight Bulb: 97 CRI, unknown flicker level — $13 per bulb
  5. DiCUNO ProOE A19 LED Bulbs: CRI 98 — warm white, non-dimmable — $19 per bulb
  6. Bedtime Bulb: very warm bulb, 95 CRI, <1% flicker — $23 per bulb

Color Rendering Index (CRI)

Can you see the subtle differences in the color rendering of the produce?

The Color Rendering Index (CRI) measures a light source’s ability to reveal an object’s true colors. Objects without a high CRI light source can appear faded, dull or inaccurate.

Most LED bulbs have a CRI of about 80. Any bulb about 95 CRI is considered to have excellent color rendering.

Benefits of Having a High CRI Light

  1. Reduced chance of eye strain or headaches: Lights with high CRI flicker less, which stops you from straining your eye or getting headaches.
  2. Less blue light emitted: Having a high CRI can reduce the amount of blue emitted, which in return causes less distribution to your sleep cycle.

How CRI Is Calculated

The colors used in a Waveform high CRI bulb

CRI is tested by special machinery. The machinery causes the bulb spectrum to be analyzed against eight colors named R1-R8. Ultimately, the light spectrum is matched against eight colors. Depending on how well it matches, it’s given a rating of 1-100.

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