The Spun Chair: A Sculpture That Rotates You

Our first entry into the MetaEfficient gallery is the Spun Chair by Heatherwick Studio.

Is it an oversized toy? Is it a sculpture? Is it a piece of furniture? All three perhaps.

I first spotted the Spun Chair while at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles. Everyone who took the chair for a spin seemed to be delighted.


The chair gives you a unique sensation — the sensation that you will fall off at any second — but you never do. You just spin around as if you were perched on a giant spinning top (which you are).

The chair was created by Thomas Heatherwick  — he collaborated with the Italian furniture firm Magis to produce this chair. To construct it, plastic pellets are heated and “rotationally molded”. You can see the process on this page.

The Spun Chair comes in a range of colors: