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Streetlights That Adjust To Moonlight


Streetlights that adjust their light output according to the phases of the moon — this design idea was the winner of Metropolis Magazine’s Next Generation design awards. These streetlights would have light sensors built into them that are sensitive enough detect the brightness of the moon, and dim themselves accordingly. For example, if there was a full moon with a clear sky, the lights would be dimmed to 10% of their power, whereas a moonless night would mean lights come on at fully intensity. Since the streetlights would also make use of energy efficient LEDs, the combined savings would be 90-95% over a traditional streetlight.

A Non-Toxic Stainless Steel Lunchbox

food-carrier-actual.jpgHere’s an interesting alternative to those regular old vinyl lunchboxes which have a tendency to leach phlatates and lead into your food. It’s a stainless steel lunchbox that will probably garner attention from your co-workers, fellow students or curious passers-by. Based on the idea of the Japanese Bento Box, the lightweight “To Go Ware” has two stainless bowls that sit on top of each other with a stainless plate separating them. The plate keeps the compartments sealed from each other, and hold the individual components of your meal. The To-Go Ware can be warmed on a stovetop or cooled in a fridge. It’s available from Amazon for around $24. See also this steel “lunchjar” from Amazon.

Yaktrax Ice and Snow Shoe Grips

yaktrax.jpgHere’s something that allows you to get traction on snow or ice while wearing your regular shoes. These Yaktrax grips are essentially a thick rubber bands, equipped with steel coils, that fit over the sole of your shoes. Apparently the idea was borrowed from the Tibetans. Priced around $20 per pair, available from Amazon.

Very Compact Ofuros (Japanese Baths)

Ofuros (Japanese Baths)Japanese soaking baths are built small but deep.

These compact “ofuro” will fit in just about anywhere — even the smallest apartment.

Diamond Spa makes the baths pictured here. We’ve no idea on the price, but the concept is good. If anyone knows where to get this style of tub at a reasonable price please let us know.

Compact Ofuro (Japanese Baths)