Criollo Chocolate: Efficient Food of the Gods

cocoa cacao beans raw

In its pure state, chocolate, or cacao, is quite nutritious, and inspires eudaimonia. There are number of varieties of cacao. Almost all commercial chocolate is made using beans of the Forastero Group. Another more prized cultivar, Criollo, is used by the top chocolate makers around the world. It is less bitter and more aromatic than any other bean.

See our explanation of different chocolate varieties here.

You can buy criollo chocolate powder from Amazon, and you can get criollo nibs here.


  1. Julie Hales says:

    It is possible you to inform me where and how to get the Criollo Chocolate in powder, as I am trying to import it to New Zealand.

    My postal address is:

    Jules Hales.
    50, Redruth Av.
    Christchurch – New Zealand
    Tel. 00 64 3 3651875

    I would be grateful, Julie

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