Wellbond — A Non-Toxic Household Glue Made In Canada

Weldbond Multi-Purpose Glue is a non-toxic glue made in Canada. It doesn’t produces fumes and it’s safe for the environment.

Wellbond glue is a great alternative to toxic glues that contain xylene, light aliphatic naphtha, N-hexane and toulene.

You can use it to bond to wood, tiles, ceramics, glass, foam and stone. It can also be used as a sealant on porous surfaces.

Weldbond dries to clear and flexible bond. Technically, this glue is a polyvinyl acetate adhesive — commonly known as “wood glue”.

Some types of plastic, rubber and cast metals will not produce a bond with Weldbond — specifically polyethylene, unbacked vinyl, P.V.C., Teflon, polypropylene, vinyl to vinyl, cast iron, cast aluminum.

Weldbond Glue Toxicity Details

Wellbond is approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) — a global safety certification company.

This glue has Ecologo certification — this means Weldbond has been created without latex, aromatic and halogenated solvents, formaldehyde and toxic metals.

Weldbond also conforms to ASTM d4236 — this means all of the hazardous component shave been clearly labeled on the product packaging.

5 thoughts on “Wellbond — A Non-Toxic Household Glue Made In Canada”

  1. Will Wellbond work to reglue the loosening fabric on our car front window doorposts? How can we purchase Wellbond in the US?

    1. I’d say Wellbond should work in that case. If you follow the link in the article, it goes to Amazon where you can purchase.

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