Best Shower Filter To Remove Chloramines: Pelican Water PSF-1NH

The Pelican Water PSF-1NH Shower Filter is our recommended shower filter for removing chloramines. It reduces 90-98% of chloramines in the water. Very few other shower filters can reduce chloramines in shower water. The total filtering life is 6 to 9 months for a 2-person household.

More Details On Chloramine Reduction

Lab tests using NSF 177 standards have been performed on this filter. The results show that total dechlorination is still about 90% even after 15,000 gallons of filtration (approx. 80% reduction after 30,000 gallons).

NSF/ANSI 177 is a standard specifying requirements for shower filtration systems’ performance, safety, and reliability. Certification to this standard assures that shower filters meet minimum criteria to function effectively and reduce contaminants as claimed.

Pentair also says that the PSF-1 will take care of some of the chloramine + disinfection byproducts that may be present in your water but does not provide any test data as proof.

Gretchen Freise, a certified trichologist at BosleyMD, recommends this filter because, as she explains, it “reduces chlorine and chloramines along with other synthetic chemicals,” which in the long run will “soften hair and skin while reducing dryness and flakiness.” She thinks this filter could be especially beneficial for “those with dandruff or eczema.” And to top it off, she adds that it will keep your hair color looking vibrant for longer and eliminate any odors your water may have.

How Does This Shower Filter Work?

This shower filter employs a three-stage filtration process to ensure the removal of chloramines and other contaminants from your shower water. The stages include:

  1. Stage One: The first stage utilizes a granulated activated carbon media. This stage is designed to filter out chlorine and its byproducts.
  2. Stage Two: The second stage features a combination of KDF-55 and KDF-85 media. These media are designed to remove heavy metals like lead and mercury and control the growth of bacteria and scale.
  3. Stage Three: The third stage uses far-infrared balls that are designed to energize the water, reduce water clustering, and create softer-feeling water.

Why Filter Your Shower Water?

It is estimated that the steam from showering in your bathroom contains up to 100 times the amount of chlorine found in the water. This is because chlorine evaporates from the water at a relatively low temperature. If you bathe or shower in unfiltered tap water, you inhale and absorb dangerous, toxic chlorine into your body. The purpose of chlorine in our water is to keep the water free from harmful bacteria and waterborne diseases until the time of use. This is when a quality home water filtration system should remove the chlorine.