The Largest Banana In The World: Musa Ingens (Giant Highland Banana)

The largest banana plant in the world is the Giant Highland Banana (Musa Ingens). It can plant can grow up to 50 feet high (15 meters).

Musa Ingens can hold up to 300 fruits, weighing 132 pounds (60 kilograms). The bananas grow on peduncles (stems) that are 15 meters long.

The banana is found in the rugged mountains of Papua New Guinea and Indonesia.

The Gaint Highland Banana: The Fruit Itself

The banana fruits themselves are usually about 7 inches (18 cm) long but have been recorded to grow up to 11.8 inches in length (30 centimeters). The bananas grow on peduncles (stems) that are 15 meters long.

The Giant Highland Banana has yellow flesh with brownish seeds like a Cavendish banana. The taste is flavorful with a touch of sourness. I have read that it is mostly eaten like plantain.

Musa Ingens: Also The Largest Herb In The World

Musa Ingens is the tallest species of banana, and it also happens to be the world’s largest herb!

The base of the plant is actually made out of the stalks of its leaves. This is known in botany as a “pseudostem.”

A researcher, Jeff Daniels, found the plant in 1989. The banana’s natural habitat is between 1000 and 2000 meters above sea level. It is prevalent in humid places in steep ravines or at the edge of mountain marshes.

Where Can I Buy A Giant Highland Banana Plant?

Musa Ingens is apparently not easy to grow because it’s difficult to recreate its native rainforest environment. However, several vendors do offer them for sale:

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  1. I have what is supposed to be Musa Ingens growing in the mountains of Puerto Rico. It is 2 years old and looks to be Musa Ingens to me. An expert said that it was not and that everything is wrong about it. I bought it via tropicalplantae. I think it is. How can I verify that it is a Truly a Musa Ingens?

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