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Largest Modular Green Roof Installed: 2.3 Acres


The largest modular green roo, has been installed on top of the new “Court at Upper Providence” shopping center in Pennsylvania. The 2.3 acres green roof was constructed with GreenGrid modules. These modules are made with recycled plastic, and they contain small but hardly plants like sedums. Read more

Very Efficient Modular Home: mkLotus


mkLotus is the latest modular home by Michelle Kauffman, who is the architect of the Sunset Breezehouse. This home incorporates a truly impressive list of green elements. Starting at the top, you’ll find a green “living” roof, and a solar power system that provides 100% of the home’s power. It also has a rainwater catchment system and a gray water system (water collected from sinks and shower is recirculated to toilets). The home is built with efficient, green materials, and it uses LED lighting throughout, along with efficient fixtures and appliances. You can check out all the details here.

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Modular Dwellings

Modular DwellingsModular Dwellings makes these compact, modern rooms. They are designed to be easy to transport and quick to assemble. They were created by Edgar Blazona, who is based in San Francisco.

The blueprints to one “shed” can be purchase from ReadyMade Magazine’s store for $35. It can be constructed from Plexiglas, steel, and prefinished plywood. The cost is about $1,500.

Link: Modular Dwellings