Natural Indigo Jeans: Metaefficient?

by Justin Thomas •

Originally, jeans were dyed with the color of the actual indigo plant. Today, natural indigo jeans can’t be considered metaefficient because they are expensive and only available as a kind of designer jean. Notwithstanding this, people admire these jeans because of their distinctive, deeply hued appearance. The story behind them is interesting too. There are at least three companies making …


FoxFibre Socks: “Color Grown” Cotton

by Justin Thomas •

Socks don’t get much more natural than this. These socks are made of FoxFiber, a cotton that grows naturally in brown and green, so no dye is required to make these socks. The brown and green fibers will deepen with first couple of washings. We are glad to have tracked these down at Good Humans — FoxFibre clothing is difficult …