China’s Huge Self-Sustaining Solar LED Wall

by Justin Thomas •

It’s called the GreenPix Zero Energy Media Wall, and with 2,292 individual color LEDs, comparable to a 24,000 sq. ft. monitor screen, it’s said to be the largest color LED display in the world. The wall is solar-powered too — photovoltaics are integrated into the wall’s glass curtain, and it harvests power during the day, to illuminate the display at …


Toshiba Develops One Minute Rechargable Lithium-Ion Battery

by Justin Thomas •

Toshiba who have developed a high energy density lithium-Ion battery that recharge 80% of its capacity in one minute. This is sixty times faster than typical lithium-ion batteries (which among other applications are commonly used in cellphones).


Metaefficient Hardwood Substitute: Eucalyptus

by Justin Thomas •

Eucalyptus is a very inexpensive hardwood and is comparable to teak or cherry in its strength and durability. Eucalyptus, however, grows quickly and can be sustainably harvested on plantations. Its density, straight grain, smooth finish, and honey color make it an excellent choice for flooring and outdoor furniture. Creative Woodwork International makes folding, transforming, outdoor furniture, such as the bench …