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Zapino: A 100% Electric Scooter by ZAP


The Zapino scooter, made by ZAP, in a company better known for their electric cars, has been getting rave reviews. Many Zapino owners report that this scooter performs really well and is quite reliable (see here and here). It’s also relatively inexpensive, being sold for just under $3000. It has a powerful 3000-watt brushless DC hub motor, which, according to ZAP, makes it the most powerful scooter in its class. This motor is so powerful it can win drag races against gas scooters, with speed and acceleration that leaves the polluters in their own dust. It has a maximum speed of 30 mph, and can it’s range is “up to 30 miles per charge”. It will soon be possible to extend the range of the Zapino to 65 miles per charge, with an optional 60V 40AH lithium-ion battery.Read more