Java-Log: Recycled Coffee Grounds

by Justin Thomas •

JavaLog LogoThese packaged fireplace logs are made from recycled coffee grounds. The Java-Log, by Robustion Products, is the product of a discovery by engineer Rod Sprules that coffee grounds burn hotter than regular firewood. Java-Logs also emit a faint coffee aroma and create less soot and CO2 emissions.


You can find a Java-Log for about $2.50 at Whole Foods, and other grocery and hardware stores.

Found via Popgadget by Mia

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  1. If you heat with wood, like I do then firelogs (the no wax kind) need to be a serious consideration. They are denser and contain half the moisture of cord wood. Plus there is no splitting of large logs and they produce half the ash. You can get pallet delivered for a winter supply. I get mine from, http://www.summitviews.com/firelogs.html in the San Francisco bay area.

  2. VulcanMike – I don’t see why not. you would of course have to dry them thoughly then mix them with wax and your choice of wood chips/shavings, sawdust, or newspaper.

    Given the amount of work involved, and the fuel used to melt the wax, you are probably better off just using it for compost instead though.

    I expect even starbucks doesn’t produce enough to make this system worthwhile for getting rid of their grounds. Java-Log probably gets its supply from a producer of instant coffee.

  3. Could one, armed with this knowledge, begin saving coffee grinds and wrap them in newspaper to use as a starter log?

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