Eco-Investing: SustainableBusiness.Com

Green StocksThe Sustainable Business web site covers news about eco-effective companies. It hosts a large list of the current stock prices of these companies, sorted by industry type (for example “Geothermal” or “Health Care”).

The web site also has a “Green Investor” section, and lists the “20 Most Sustainable Stocks of 2004”. The editor, Rona Field, starts with this introduction:

Wind energy rises by 38%; solar by 25%; organic foods by 38% … The clean technology era we are entering is often compared in scale to the rise of the telecommunications industry in the early 1980s. This is a gigantic opportunity and is the next huge wave of innovation, of investment opportunity, of business creativity. It could be a once in a lifetime opportunity to invest in young companies that are changing the world for the better.

Website: Sustainable Business

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