Very Efficient: Pocket Filter by Katadyn


This is a serious portable water filter from Katadyn. It’s efficient because it uses a ceramic filter, which will not let anything larger than 0.2 microns through. It also has a long life — it will filter up to 13,000 gallons before you need to replace the cartridge. The filter eliminates bacteria, viruses, cysts, protozoa, algae, spores, sediment and reduces radioactive particles.
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Available from Amazon for $189.

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  1. Hello,
    please can you tell me if I can filter also seewater (salt) with katadyn portable water filter?
    Thanks Rebeka

  2. During the recent Water Safety Conference organised by IWA, they are in doubt on the safety of water from simple filtration especially after an extended use

  3. Hi,I am doing a project at school on alternative water disinfactants that can be used in rural araes since they have problems with electricity,transport etc.So the disinfectants Im looking for must not require electricity if you want to use them.Preferably they must be plants since plants do not require the use of electricity.You can just plant them and then use it seed to disinfect water.Do you know such plants?

    1. You may look up neem plants which is grown in USA and India.
      Most Indian homes have it and the neem leaves is use a a medicine for various ailments like itch, diahorrea, antiseptic etc.

      Look up the internet on this plant to get more info.


  4. i am currently doing a design course and university, and was enquiring if you could send me any information on this filtration system works and what materials are used.

    Any information would be gratefully accepted

    Many Thanks

    James Bettinson

  5. Ceramic Portable Filter by Katadyn

    Katadyn comes with its portable water filter. It’s not only portable but efficient too. It can claim its efficiency, by the fact that it uses a ceramic filter, which will not let anything larger than 0.2 microns through.

    In addition to its…

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