Steam Cleaning Washer For the Home

by Justin Thomas •

lg_steam_Washer.jpgThis washer from LG Electronics uses steam to clean your clothes. Steam washers are common in the industrial world, but this is the first one available for the home. LG says the washer “remove creases from your garments, eliminating the need for ironing” and steam-cleaning “reduces shrinkage and extends the life of your threads”. They also claim it uses 35% less water and 21% less energy than a conventional model. One drawback is that the entire cycle takes two and a half hours.

We don’t have the specs on the washer, so we can’t compare it to some of the very efficient washers we’ve featured previously.

Available in the U.S. from Absolute Home for $1600.

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  1. Help pleaseI need to buy a washing machine urgently and am very confused still. There were some comments from lat year that LG is slow to provide parts, that the servicing is a problem. Ha that improved ?
    Also, would anyoen recommend (or otherwise ) a steam washer now that they ahve been aroudn for a while?

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