Energy Star Washer: Ecosmart GWL11 by Fisher & Paykel

Ecosmart Washer GWL11 by Fisher & Paykel

This washer is no longer recommended, due to the lack of service and support.

This washer from Fisher and Paykel is very efficient in terms of water use and electricity consumed, costing only about $21 annually in power, and using only 26 gallons per laundry load. The CEE (Consortium ForEnergy Efficiency) rates this washer as the most efficient of its kind.

It has three spin speeds including a 1000 RPM spin to reduce drying time. It retails for about $600. There are a number of first-hand reports about this washer in this discussion at GardenWeb. Here are some specs:

Power Consumption: 298 kWh / year
Annual Energy Cost: $20.86
Water Consumption: 26 gallon per average load, 8.8 (CEE Water Factor)
Dimensions: 36.5″ H, 26″ W, 26″ D
Weight:180 lbs
Capacity: 3 cu. ft tub
Warranty: Full 2 years parts and labor warranty.

Product Home Page: Fisher and Paykel

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  1. Fisher & Paykel is Horrible! I bought the washer and dryer set because the Eco friendly design sounded great and we would save money. I have replaced the washer once about 2 months after i bought it and now I am having all kinds of trouble ordering parts for it. Repairmen are very scarce for this company. My F & P dryer has been worked on twice and then finally went out after 3 1/2 years.

    Run away from F&P

  2. This washer is efficient. However, it goes out of balance way too easy. If it goes too long, it can cost $200 to fix.

  3. “Of its kind”. Mind you, “its kind” might be the most inefficient kind, but if it’s the best of a bad bunch, the statement is still true.

    Beware meaningless comparisons!

  4. The Fisher & Paykel is a nice machine one you finally get a good one… which can be hard. I was delivered two machines in sealed boxes that were defective. One was missing a hanger so the internal hanging wash tank was unsupported — it filled but would not empty unless help up by hand! The second had a big crushed in area above the control pannel. The third unit I was delivered was fine but the gas dryer that was delivered with it had a big dent in the door. What gives whth Fisher & Paykel QC?

  5. We didn’t link directly to the list of “Qualifying Products” on the CEE page, because it is a PDF file. The “Fisher & Paykel” model is listed there under “Qualifying Products”.

    We removed the Equator listing, due to the large number of negative user reports that we saw in online discussions about this washer.

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