Efficient Wet/Dry Vacuum

wet_dry.jpgThe Stinger 2 Wet/Dry Vacuum apparently “sucks” — in this case, it’s a good attribute — it performs well and is inexpensively priced at $27. Here’s what a reviewer said at Cool Tools:

I tried a hand-held dustbuster type, but found that its incredibly small storage and lack of any useful way to hold debris inside was just a bad design. After investigating those “Shark” or small Oreck vacuums, I found their prices were much too high and their design didn’t look very impressive either, so I passed.

I found my dream machine in the 2 Gallon Stinger Wet/Dry Vac for less than $30. What you get: Lots of sucking power, very easy to dump out debris, lots of capacity, very light and easy to move around, gets into tight spaces, and much less expensive than those premium models!

Available from: Home Depot via Cool Tools

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  1. i love this little vac. it cleans things reg vacs or big wet/dry vacs can’t. my only problem is finding filters for it. any suggestions?

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