Ariston Point-Of-Use Hot Water Heater


Designed and made in Italy, Ariston hot water heaters have a lot going for them. They plug in directly under the sink or wherever you want hot water. They produce hot water instantly — you don’t have to wait for the water to get hot (80 billion gallons of water is wasted annually in the U.S. this way).

The hot water doesn’t lose heat as it travels through pipes from a distant heater. The tanks are well insulated with glass so there is not much heat loss. They draw 12.5 amps. They range in price from $139 to $169. Warrantied for 6 years.

Ariston Heaters are now sold by Bosch. Ariston Heaters are available from Amazon.

Ariston Point-Of-Use Instant Hot Water Heater

3 thoughts on “Ariston Point-Of-Use Hot Water Heater”

  1. What is the minimum flow for trigger of the water heater? Remember, we don’t need 1/2 or 3/4 GPM to wash hands.
    If the heater threshold is 1/2 GPM flow to turn on, it’s too wasteful.

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