Plug-in Electric Trucks Coming To U.S.


The air quality of urban areas would greatly improved if we could replace the thousands of diesel delivery trucks currently in use with zero-emission vehicles. In this vein, a company called  Smith Electric Vehicles will be introducing their electric trucks to the U.S.  Their Newton truck (pictured above) can be recharged via an regular electric socket. They have some pretty impressive features, including a range of up to 150 miles when fully charged. The battery system is rated at 120 kilowatts, and trucks have a maximum speed of 50 mph. The trucks also use regenerative braking to recover energy from the braking process.

In the U.K., Smith Electric Vehicles is on track to ship 250 trucks in 2007. Customers include DHL, Starbucks and the Royal Mail. Production in the U.S. is projected to start in 2010. In the U.S. they plan to set up manufacturing and produce up to 10,000 of the electric trucks per year.

Via: Ecotality

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