Foam-Flush Toilets: Efficient

Foam-Flush Toilet"Foam-Flush" toilets look and function much like conventional toilets. Using a mixture of biocompatible soap and water, the foam-flush toilet moves waste through a conventional 4″ pipe to the composting tank below. The foam mixture cleans the toilet bowl with every flush but uses only about 3 oz. of water, making it fully compatible with the composting process. Since the foam flush is using water to carry the waste, it is possible to have it offset from the compost system at up to 45 degrees, making the design much like it would be for a conventional toilet system. Clivus Multrum makes foam-flush toilets.

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  1. The Bronx Zoo carries the foam toilets made by Clivus Multrum, they’re cool. If your conserned about them test it out for yourself, or even ask people there how the toilet works out.

  2. Neat idea, but I am always wary of low-usage toilets for one reason – will it really flush away a large poop? There’s nothing worse than a toilet that’s always clogging. I’d like to know what kind of testing this has been through and what sort of “usage” it can stand up to.

  3. A foam-flushing, composting toilet

    I’m pretty sure we haven’t written about these before, but in any case MetaEfficient has the scoop on a “foam-flush” toilet by Clivus Multrum (I’ve never heard of them either). It uses a biodegradable soap/water mixture …

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