Sony Introduces Smart Green LCD TVs

Sony Bravia WE5 Eco LCD TV

Sony is introducing a new LCD TV called the Bravia WE5 that it claims to be the greenest ever. The WE5 uses a new backlight called a micro-tubular HCFL backlight, which cuts the active power consumption by 50%. The television also incorporates a “Smart Presence Sensor”. This senses when no one is watching the TV and turns the picture off to save energy. The sensor detects body heat and movement of anyone sitting in a room and when no one is sensed, it automatically goes to “picture off” mode and will switch to standby in 30 minutes.

Unlike most TVs that draw power even when turned off, but the new WE5 has a special switch that can be activated reducing the power consumption of the set to zero watts when not in use.

The WE5, like most 2009 Sony TVs, carries the ‘EU Flower’, an Eco-label introduced by the European Commission to certify greener, more environmentally friendly products that comply with strict ecological and performance criteria.

The WE5 Eco TV will be available with 40-inch and 46-inch screen sizes in the UK this spring. Ship schedules and pricing for the U.S. are unknown at this time. 

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  1. Its quite good, that there are constant improvements in terms of efficiency. Yet especially TVs and monitors show that all these effects are almost destroyed due to the fact that the devices are always getting bigger and bigger.

  2. Those are cool features. Very often people at home leave the living room alone and the TV is left on. Don’t know if it also does this: but it would be useful to turn the sound off too… grandphas turn the tv kinda at loud…

  3. “has a special switch that can be activated reducing the power consumption of the set to zero watts when not in use.”
    eerrr – sounds like an ON/OFF switch 😉 – remember them?
    Well Kudos to Sony for phasing back in an ON/OFF switch, better than using ugly power strips. Kudos for the occupancy sensor too. Let’s see this across the product line in smaller sizes like 32″, otherwise it is like having an “efficient” SUV.

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