LED-Flex: An Efficient Substitute For Neon

by Justin Thomas •

How many times have you seen a broken or flickering neon light? Durability is not one neon’s strengths. But now a new product, LED-Flex, has been introduced as a substitute for neon. The producer, Mule Lighting, has managed to make the flexible LEDs have the appearance and brightness of neon. The biggest advantage of this product is the efficiency level …


Metaefficient Hardwood Substitute: Eucalyptus

by Justin Thomas •

Eucalyptus is a very inexpensive hardwood and is comparable to teak or cherry in its strength and durability. Eucalyptus, however, grows quickly and can be sustainably harvested on plantations. Its density, straight grain, smooth finish, and honey color make it an excellent choice for flooring and outdoor furniture. Creative Woodwork International makes folding, transforming, outdoor furniture, such as the bench …