Despite Recent Concerns, LEDs Still Offer Efficient & Clean Light

by Benjamin Roman •

LEDs offer the best energy efficiency of any widely available lighting technology.  And LED lights contain no mercury, as opposed to the compact fluorescent bulbs that have become so common.  But recent reports suggest that LEDs may have their own issues with hazardous substances, so should you steer clear of them?  Not so fast – LEDs are still a great …


40,000 Homes Could Powered By Golden Gate Tidal Turbines

by Justin Thomas •

Tidal power could energize 40,000 homes in San Francisco. A study is being conducted to see if tidal power can be tapped by installing turbines on the sea floor below the Golden Gate Bridge. According to earlier studies, 40,000 San Franciscan homes could get clean energy from tidal turbines such as these. The California utility PG&E will be conducting the …