Multi-Fuel Lantern: Britelyt

by Justin Thomas •

This Britelyt lantern is a versatile lantern, which is able to burn no less than seven types of fuel, including biodiesel. The approved fuel types are: kerosene, biodiesel, diesel, gasoline, mineral spirits, charcoal lighter fluid and lamp oils. It’s made by Petromax who’ve been building these lantern since the 1920s. The lantern can also be fitted with a stove adapter.


Corn Stoves Are Hot Too

by Justin Thomas •

Corn burning stoves are similar to pellets stoves but use corn kernels as fuel instead. Most corn suppliers are located in the interior states, so these stoves are most useful in those areas. Corn is a fuel that burns clean and does not require a conventional chimney. You can vent corn stoves outdoors by using a type “L” or “B” …