2010 Prius To Use Solar Power

by Justin Thomas •

“Prius,” in Latin, means roughly “to go before.” Since its first appearance in 1997, Toyota’s iconic hybrid has lived up to its name, with more than 1.5 million sold world wide. Revamped in 2003 with Toyota’s hybrid synergy drive, the Prius is now entering its third generation with the 2010 model to be available later this year. And, in keeping …


Solar Building Automatically Shades Itself From The Sun

by Justin Thomas •

The Devonshire Building is a solar building, that automatically opens and closes banks of shades on it’s south facing fa├žade. The intelligent system tracks the amount of sunlight entering the windows, and takes into account the time of day and season. The key architectural aim was to design a building that would incorporate as much natural daylight as physically possible. …


Efficient Pasta Cooker: Zevro Perfetto

by Justin Thomas •

Here’s a promising product that will be introduced soon — the Zevro Perfetto is a pasta cooker said to save up to 70% of energy and up to 50% of water compared to cooking pasta in a traditional pot. Only about 32 fluid ounces (1 liter) of water is needed and there’s no need to stir or watch the pasta …