A Guide to Buying Non-Toxic Furniture

by Justin Thomas •

Wouldn’t it be great to sit in a chair and breath easily, knowing you are not inhaling chemicals like “perfluorooctane sulfonate”. Sustain Lane has a short guide to help you to know what to look for when shopping for furniture. Here’s a summary: avoid PVC, other plastics, high-emitting particleboard, polyurethane foam and synthethic fibers for upholstery, toxic finishes and glues. …


Bamboo Fiber Duvet & Sheets

by Justin Thomas •

After trying bamboo fibers shirts, I’m sure sleeping under this bamboo fiber duvet would be great. You can read about the efficiency of bamboo fiber here. Bamboo fiber sheet sets are available from Bed, Bath and Beyond.


FoxFibre Socks: “Color Grown” Cotton

by Justin Thomas •

Socks don’t get much more natural than this. These socks are made of FoxFiber, a cotton that grows naturally in brown and green, so no dye is required to make these socks. The brown and green fibers will deepen with first couple of washings. We are glad to have tracked these down at Good Humans — FoxFibre clothing is difficult …