Liquid-Filled LED Bulbs: 360 Degree Light

by Justin Thomas •

I’ve been testing a new LED bulb called the HydraLux. These unique bulbs are filled with a clear liquid coolant (a non-toxic paraffin oil). Other LED bulbs use large metal fins or fans for cooling purposes. The advantage of using a liquid coolant is that the LED bulb can produce 360° light like a regular incandescent bulb.

Icelight: LED Desk Lamp

by Justin Thomas •

Here’s a new LED Desk Lamp from Koncept. It features 66 “super bright” LEDs. The IceLight is about as bright as a 40–60 watt incandescent bulb. A single bright white LED puts out about 1.7 lumens of light, so 66 of them produce about 112 lumens. This 112 lumens is focused in a 50-degree viewing angle, compared to an incandescent …


Powerstrips That Detect Your Presence In a Room

by Justin Thomas •

This powerstrip, called the Isole IDP-3050, is unique because six of its eight outlets are controlled by a motion sensor. You could plug your monitor, desk lamp and space heater into the strip, and they will be turned off automatically when you leave the room.

Metaefficient Wood Stains

by Justin Thomas •

Napier Environmental is a company in British Columbia that sells non-toxic wood stains that replace the hazardous products widely used to treat wood today. An example of one of their products is Natural Desk Oil, a waterborne blend of natural oils designed to penetrate deep into wood, and protect it like the true oils found in wood. You can buy …


Vornado Intellitemp Vortex Electric Heater

by Justin Thomas •

NOTE: Intellitemp Heaters have been recalled, due to an issue with a faulty “crimp” in the UL certified insulated connector component. Please see more information here. Notes from Manufacturer: Vornado’s portable heater generates just the right amount of heat to meet your particular need. You can set it to keep your feet warm under your desk or to heat an …