Wolf Induction Cooktop

xlinductioncooktop.jpgThis new cooktop from Wolf uses induction to cook food efficiently, while the cooking surface stays cool to the touch. You must use a pan made of a magnetic material like stainless steel or cast iron. Induction stovetops are about 85-90% energy efficient, compared electric elements which are only 65-85% efficient. The manufacturer also claims that the rate of heat adjustment is 50% faster than gas or electric.

How does it work? The electricity flows through a coil to produce a magnetic field under the ceramic cooktop. When an iron or magnetic stainless pan is placed on the ceramic surface, currents are induced in the cooking utensil and instant heat is generated due to the resistance of the pan. Induction cooktops are a relatively new phenomenon in the U.S., but this type of stove has been popular in Europe for a number of years. Diva and Kuppersbuch also make induction stovetops.

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  1. These don’t have to be expensive!!
    I have been using the Sunpentown Mr. Induction brand portable induction cooktop. They and similar portable 1-burner units go for as low as $130 and really work. I LOVE IT. LOVE IT. Can’t say it enough, induction cooking is the best. We took a burner out of the electric range to put the Sunpentown there, and we use it the majority of the time instead of the regular stove.

  2. Stainless steel alloy 18/0 is magnetic and used for the exterior of cookware meant to be compatible with induction cookware.
    Alloy 18/10, commonly used for cookware’s interiors is NOT magnetic.

  3. I am living in Thailand and have purchased a Mika hot plate MK-997. Would you know where I can find an user guide for this product as it didn’t come with one? Thank you

    1. Sorry I cannot help with the user guide, but could you tell me where in Thailand you bought your induction cooker? I’m keen to buy one here. John

  4. Quite a few people import these from Europe in America, because they cost less in Europe. Apparently with a little bit of discussion with an electrician it is fairly easy to get them working on American current, although it voids the products warranty.

    But still substantial saving can be had. If you try to look them up in Europe, you should look for an induction hob. That is the proper terminology. You should be able to find some from $500 for dual types, up to $800 to $1000 for four burner (can’t be the right word for that) types. Which still beats the cheapest American one you can get which would be through Sears, I think those run $1600.

  5. 18/0 stainless is ferrous and will activate the magnets. Most good cookware like, Tramontina from Brazil is made to work with these stoves. They have a tri-Ply clad base that encapsulates a thick aluminum disk. Best vessels for induction I’ve found. Used commercially all over the world.

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