Premier Peerless 36 " Natural Gas or LP Range – GAK

by Justin Thomas •

gas stove from peerlessManufacturer Notes:
Beware of new stoves with a 500
watt electric glow bar pilot in the oven that runs orange hot all the time
the oven is in use, consuming power rapidly. Peerless Premier kitchen stoves
offer convenient electronic spark to light the burners automatically, and
to ignite a gas pilot light in the oven only when the oven is used. Spark
ignition uses only 2 watts of AC power. Any inverter will do it, or plain
pilot light models are available. Or a match can light either one.

Premier offers 33 models including their line of stainless
steel front (24, 30 & 36 inch) units. Porcelain units in
white, almond, or black. Widths of 20, 24, 30, or 36 inches. The 30 and
36 inch cook-tops are 4, 5, or 6 burners, or built in griddle with cover.
Sealed burners on some models have one piece top. One model has battery
operated clock/timer. White or glass oven door with window & light.
Continuous cleaning oven optional. Top burners have a lifetime warranty.
Completely insulated oven saves gas.

20″ Gas Range with Gas Pilots, 4″ Porcelain Backguard, and Lifetime Guaranteed
Top Burners, easy conversion from Natural Gas to LP.

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