Pizza Oven by PizzaMax

by Justin Thomas •

elitedeals_1867_7256134.jpgHere’s a pizza oven that costs $89 and reportedly cooks pizzas using less electricity than a regular oven. The PizzaMax Pizza Oven. is made from commercial- grade polished stainless steel and has an automatic timer. Review via Kitchen Contraptions

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  1. I need a timer knob for Pizza Max 506 model. Please let me know where I can order one.

  2. Timers work 2 ways on these ovens…they tick to time (mechanical) & they provide electric to elements (electrical when on & plugged in). Statewide Service 304-755-1811 super helpful people. Bought 2 timers $6. ea.

    1. My timer/switch quit working as well with little use. It would tick but the elements would not heat up. One of the terminals broke completely out of the body and was still connected to the wire laying in the bottom of the cabinet. Lucky it didn’t short out (may have been a switched neutral circuit – didn’t pay that much attention). I bought a replacement here as well. The timer was just a little over $5 plus shipping. Great company to deal with.

  3. My oven timer still appears to work, I mean it still ticks. My problem is the heating elements do not heat up, niether of them. All the wires are fine, none are burnt or brokrn and tightly connected. Elements are NOT broken or cracked, SOOOOO why doesn’t work anymore???? Any suggestions?? And yes the electrical outlet is working.


    1. it is a electric timer if you look where the wire connects to it will probably have the black plastic bubbled up a little…..at least mine did

  4. My timer went bad on the oven also. I found a replacement timer kit that worked from a similar oven (at least in appearance) Model 412 part number I013000. http://www.thepizzaoven.biz/page9.html

    Wasn’t cheap in that the part cost $26.99 + $12.00 shipping; but was cheaper than buying a new oven and this timer seems of better construction. 5-10min job to change timer.

  5. lovely danm picture of the pizza max oven but no frigging information as to where one can be bought or parts can be bought …i need a timer cant find one in the united states and timer work for about 6 months so this product is only good for 6 mos

    1. I have the same problem. Been calling all over the US Talked with fusion commerence they sent me to Haritage food service 260.482.1444 helpfull apppears you can not find any parts.

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