Ecoflame: Fuel Made from Sugar Cane

WarmGel.gifEcoflame is a cooking fuel made out of sugar cane.

Apparently it burns cleaner, hotter and more efficiently than petroluem-based fuels. It’s an ethanol-based fuel made from natural sugar cane alcohol.

Sugar cane is a renewable resource, but it does require a lot of water to grow. Still, most other heating fuel products are poisonous and derivatives of petroleum and coal.

This product is certified under Canada’s Environmental Choice Program. It is non-toxic, non-explosive, has no harmful emissions, is safe for use indoors and outdoors, is smokeless and odor free and is easy to light and relight It can be used for buffets, room service, fondues, picnics and camping.

Ecoflame is available from Recyclaholics

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  1. I live in Brazil and there´s a lot of sugarcane drinks here, so Can I use them on my fireplace? I have a baby…Is it harmful?

  2. Hi,
    I just learned of ecoflame. I saw a barbeque made of terracota in mexico shaped in a pig.
    I wanted to buy it however, I thought on a lanai it would be dirty, unhealthy , and the smoke would cause my screen to blacken.
    After reading about this , I wonder could I use THE HOT DISC COULD BE PLACE IN THIS TO IN FACT bARBEQUE.
    tHANK YOU,

  3. Make a Fire Anywhere

    Make a anywhere fire inside your apartment or house. You don’t need a real fireplace, trust me. An Australian company called EcoSmart makes these modular fireplaces that pure ethanol. Ethanol is pure alcohol and produces no fumes or odor. I…

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