Weatherproof Outdoor Speakers: Polk Audio Atrium Self-Powered Loudspeakers

Polk Audio Atrium 45

The Polk Atrium loudspeakers are rugged, weather-resistant, self-powered and portable. Many outdoor speakers are suitable only for sheltered locations. The Atrium speakers meet industry & military specs for full exposure to the elements. The speakers are constructed of stainless steel and brass components to resist rust and corrosion. The cabinets are completely sealed to enhance weatherproofing and are designed to withstand temperatures above 175 degrees by using a UV-protected polymer.

Three Atrium models are available. The Atrium 45 is the least expensive at $145, the newer Atrium 55 costs $299 per pair. The Atrium 65DSI has a dual capabilities — it can function as a single speaker or part of part of a pair, and costs $269.

Home Page: Polk Audio

Available from Amazon: Atrium 45 ($145) or the newer Atrium 55 ($299)

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  1. These are NOT powered speakers. They are nice weatherproof speakers but I repeat: THEY ARE NOT POWERED SPEAKERS.

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