Hemp Sheets: Soft & Durable

by Justin Thomas •

Hemp sheets — they are soft, durable, chemical-free and sustainable. But why choose hemp over organic cotton? Hemp is twice as strong and requires less processing. Even organic cotton requires caustic soda to remove the wax so it can be spun and woven. The waste water produced during this process then requires more chemicals to be added to it so it can be neutralized. Those who’ve tried hemp muslin sheets say it has the weight and feel of traditional, handmade French hemp linens and Irish flax linens. Hence, it is our efficient choice for bed linen.

Hemp sheets are available from KelleyGreen for $199 for two queen size sheets. Rawganic sells top quality hemp sheets, queen size is priced at $129.

You can find vintage French hemp/linen sheets from the 1920s here.

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