Metaefficient RVing

Black RVWith the right techniques, RVing can be a very efficient, non-polluting lifestyle. The best resource about retrofitting your RV to be more efficient is Phred’s “Poopsheets” which are free, compact information guides written by an experiencd RVer.

Topics include water treatment, solar power, efficient heating and cooling, composting toilets and efficient 12V appliances and lighting.

RV InteriorFor solar power, he directs readers to the RV Solar Electric web site by Noel and Barbara Kirby, which he says “includes about everything you need to know [about solar power for RVs] and includes details on RV installations not found elsewhere. Ask for his added sheets on sizing a system when ordering.” The Kirbys’ also publish RVer’s Guide to Solar Battery Charging, which was last updated in 1993, but is still a great guide.

Two other useful books about RV electrical systems are: Living on Twelve Volts With Ample Power and RV Electrical Systems, both books go into details about 12V electrical systems.

When purchasing an RV, Phred recommends visiting the RV Consumer Group, which a nonprofit organization that rates RVs.

RV Truck TrailerA “Eco RV” was introduced a last year, called the EarthRoamer, priced at $155,000. It runs on biodiesel and solar power.

But you might be better off buying a empty RV with a good structure and installing the components yourself, as explained here.

RV 5th WheelIf you buy a diesel pickup truck and “Truck Camper”, a Travel Trailer, or a “5th Wheel Trailer”, or any diesel RV you can run it on biodiesel.

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