Transparent, Multifunctional Solar Panels: “PV TV”


“PV TV” is a building material created by the Japanese MSK Corporation that has a “three-in-one” functionality: it is able to act a solar panel, glazed window and video display screen.

As an external glaze, PV-TV allows up to 10% visible light to be transmitted through the panel. This level of light transmission is optimal to allow sufficient light in cloudy conditions while protecting against excessive solar gain and ultraviolet rays. It can provide thermal insulation and replace eaves, windows, and/or curtain walls.


As a solar photovoltaic (PV) panel, PV-TV can generate 3.8 watts of electricity per square foot, an above-average level of efficiency. Furthermore, unlike other PV systems, these panels are transparent and can be integrated into almost any part of a building without obscuring light or ruining the building’s aesthetic appearance, two downsides of conventional PV panels.

An unusual feature is its ability to act as a full-color internal and external screen. A picture or advertisement projected from inside a structure can be seen within that building, with PV-TV acting as a regular display screen. On the outside of the building, the material can function as a giant billboard.

Right now, the technology is priced at $45 per square foot, which means the material will have difficulty competing head-to-head with conventional solar panels. However, if view as a window or curtain wall that pays for itself, the cost starts to make more sense.

Available from: MSK Corporation

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