Quiet Revolution Wind Turbines


Quiet Revolution is an English company that makes visually intriguing wind turbines. The QR5 Vertical Axis Wind Turbine generates 6 kilowatts of power. It’s quieter than your typical wind turbine because the tip speed is slower, due to the triple-helix design, which in turn allows it to be situated closer to buildings and on towers. It has a £25,000 price tag, which means it will take 15 years to pay for itself, so it’s probably best to think of it as an example of turbine art, which has the add feature of producing renewable energy.

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  1. Wind restriction on this from another site was 16 meters per second. Above that it shuts down.
    Minimum was 4.5 m/s

  2. These Turbines aare sick.
    but, i didnt even know about these wind turbines until physical science..
    But Still/ FHS. Sucks. ATLIFE.

  3. That really is a work of art. I know nothing about wind turbines except that I love what they look like. This is by far the nicest one I’ve seen.

    25k seems expensive but surely in the long term its a bargain- especially on new buildings. Keep it up.

    1. It doesin’t look like it would even cach the wind but go right through it with out doing anything at all.

  4. Looks nice, but $50K ($66K installed) is a deal-breaker. If they can get the cost to $30K or even $40K it would be a very appealing product. While not strictly comparable, Bergey lists a 10kW intertie system for $38K (plus install, etc.)

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