Portable Micro-Power Kit

by Justin Thomas •


SolarOne’s Harvester is a complete solar micro-power kit. Built to be durable and weatherproof, it produces 750 Watts of power (surge capacity of 1500 Watts). The Harvester contains a 104 amp-hour AGM battery by Concorde — a very reliable battery (for more information see our AGM battery review).

The Harvester is an great choice for back-up power or portable remote power. Home Power Magazine reviewed it favorably in their “Things That Work!” column. They were impressed by the “True-Sine” Exceltech inverter, which produces reliable AC power. The solar panel is a 50W crystalline PV.

Unlike diesel generators, solar powered generators are silent, produce no fumes and require no fuel or maintenance.

The Harvester can run various small electronics: TVs, laptops, radios, cell phones, battery chargers, satellite internet modems, lights or water purifiers. See the running times for these items here.

It weighs 112 lbs and fits in the trunk of a car.

The price is around $1400, with various accessories available, including a three panel ground mount.

Manufacturer’s Home Page: SolarOne

Available from: SolarDyne, CETSolar

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