A Solar Carport: Charge Your Car Or Home


A carport that can generate power from the sun is debuting at the Electric Vehicle Symposium 23 (EVS-23) this week in Anaheim, California. Created by a company called Envision, the Lifeport can generate power for the home, or it can used to recharge electric vehicles directly. A 22 square foot carport incorporates 24 solar panels, and is rated at 4.8 kilowatts. It delivers and average of 16.4 kilowatt hours per day. The carport can be scaled up to a grid tied 6.4 kilowatt system.

The Envision solar carport is made of recycled light gauge steel framework that can be assembled via instruction manual and videos.


You can find sample pricing and rebate information on this page.

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  1. Well, I understand Now you’re thinking’s post, if you want autonomous power (i.e. as little connection to the grid as possible) you’d need a battery bank, and not only for car recharging but for powering stuff at home at night, when there are more appliances and lights on.

  2. Actually, if your solar system is grid-tied (i.e. tied into the electric company’s system) then no battery bank is necessary. During the day, while the sun is shining, your meter is running backwards. Then during the night, when your electric vehicle is charging, the meter is running forward. Night time is usually a lower demand time too, which equals cheaper electricity!

  3. …Tanya. This is a good starting point, but most of us that own cars are away from home during the day…because we have driven to work. Unless they build a model in which the solar panels charge a battery bank to which you plug in your electric car for charging when you arrive home in the evening and let the car charge overnight, this won’t do that much good.

  4. I will like to know if you have Carports In stock and will also like to know what is the cost for each ?

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