New 3D Solar Cells Created

3d solar cell

Recently, we featured some intriguing spherical solar cells from Japan. But now there’s an announcement that unique 3D solar cells have been created using nanotubes. The 3D solar cells capture photons from sunlight using an array of miniature “tower” structures that resemble high-rise buildings in a city street grid. The tower structures, which are about 100 microns tall, 40 microns by 40 microns square, 10 microns apart. They are built with millions of vertically-aligned carbon nanotubes. Conventional flat solar cells reflect a significant portion of the light that strikes them, reducing the amount of energy they absorb.

3d solar nanotube

Because the 3D cells absorb more of the photons than conventional cells, their coatings can be made thinner, allowing the electrons to exit more quickly, reducing the likelihood that recombination will take place. That boosts the “quantum efficiency” – the rate at which absorbed photons are converted to electrons – of the 3D cells.

Fabrication of the cells begins with a silicon wafer, which can also serve as the solar cell’s bottom junction. The researchers first coat the wafer with a thin layer of iron using a photolithography process that can create a wide variety of patterns. The patterned wafer is then placed into a furnace heated to 780 degrees Celsius. Hydrocarbon gases are then flowed into furnace, where the carbon and hydrogen separate. In a process known as chemical vapor deposition, the carbon grows arrays of multi-walled carbon nanotubes atop the iron patterns.

Via: CCNmag

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  2. by using carbon nanotubes lots of research is going on…………its discovers & dominates all conventional methods……….these solar cell is also one of its application which not only use in solar cells it may also use in photovoltaic cells in the long run

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