Honda’s Silcion-Free Solar Cells


Honda has begun selling new thin-film solar cells in Japan. The solar cells are made with a compound of copper, indium, gallium and selenium (CIGS), rather than the conventional silicon. The cells are said to be “greener” because there is less carbon dioxide generated during their production. Some pundits believe that CIGS cells may become the low cost photovoltaic cell of the future.

Honda’s CIGS solar cells have a maximum output of 125 watts and will sell for approximately 60,375 yen ($495) in Japan. Starting this fall, Honda Soltec will mass produce solar cells at a ¥7-billion (US$61 million) plant with annual capacity of 27.5 megawatts, resulting in the expansion of sales throughout Japan.

In 2006, Honda announced a global CO2 reduction target for its products and the manufacturing of those products.


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  1. Almost ALL of the new tech like this is being sent or being developed outside the US. Though we really know of and want this for our own use. Sadly, it will STILL be several years before the Hondas and Nanosolars of the world will even bring a product to the american market. And when it gets here? You can bet its going to be terribly inflated in price to match the dinosoar stuff they’re making a killing on right now. The solar industry is berift with con-men. Been there done that… When I see it at Wal-Mart or Fry’s, THEN I will consider it successfull for everyone. NO CHEAP CELLS FOR YOU!!! STUPID AMERICANS!!!

  2. So why don’t we see any Honda hybrids with Honda solar cells mounted on the roof- on our highways? I’ve never seen any!

    If their cells can be easily mounted on the roofs of their cars-where is a ready-to-install mounting kit, photovoltaic and plug-in package available?


  3. Home is very good BUT they only make mild assist hybrids that can’t move 1 inch on electric along.
    They also sell a dirtier version in the states that don’t have the Clear Car policy, what kind of message is that.
    They also push their FCX Fuel cell vehicle at 1 million bucks yet it was the same chassis and vehicle that used to be the EVplus all elctric with about the same range on pure battery power. That was only $30K 4 times more efficient and made 5 years earlier. 96% of hydrogen is made from fossil fuel. What a mistake on Hondas part.

  4. Even though there is no doubt that the quality of the cars that Honda manufactures is excellent, as a Honda customer I can say with confidence that the after sales service and support offered by Honda is terrible.

    During the one year that I have owned a Honda City ZX (CVT), there are numerous times when I have wished that I had bought another car — perhaps a Hyundai, because of the hopelessly inexistent customer care that Honda extends to its customers.

    To read the full story, please visit http://hondasiel.blogspot.com/.

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