Flexible Solar Panels

Flexible Solar Panel

If you boat,
hike or are basically remote, these panels are the most
portable way to produce electricity yet devised. The panel above, weighing
4.7 pounds, produces 32W of 12V power, and rolls up so you can
pack it. They are extremely durable and can withstand rain or being stepped

Best Price: $268.75 (AltEnergyStore)

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  1. .
    I am a professor of School of Design and autonomous researchers,
    I search for more than 20 years the development of small vehicles
    personal to share with the transport systems
    for people who appreciate cars with the use of clean energy.
    Every year I participate in a contest in Sao Paulo where I put
    My project is testing to compete with other universities
    Engineering, however, advances to the resources needed
    for my research are very slow with only my own income
    teacher have been building small cars that represent my ideas
    for application of clean alternative.
    I help companies kindly providing the plastics materials in the form of donations
    and with this ride an annual program of construction of the car with my best students
    However I am in a position where it is difficult to move forward with my research
    and acquisition of more efficient motors and solar cells to be applied
    the prototype of “galss car” (car items) like the extraordinary project
    designer Rinspeed. (Please see link)

    With much effort to build a small car powered by human force and assisted by a small
    electric motor and has already registered in the competition, 17Kilometros with a small motorcycle battery, 4 amp.
    (Less than a carton box of milk!)
    I am motivated to continue with the program in pursuit of acquiring solar cells to total 150W
    which could set a new record Brazilian car powered by the sun.
    According to the characteristics of our experimental Prototiopo, we can install solar panels in a way
    unprecedented, because it possessed tranparência in more than 50% of its surface the cells harboring inside
    without affecting the original design
    I would like to volunteer collaborator with the application of solar cells in mobility projects
    whose goal is to encourage application of this technology and popularization of their systems armazenameto force.

    I put our car at your disposal to carry out experiments and source materials for
    so register them with the Standards (Inst.Nac. Energy Efficiency) to officially record national of mobility Solar

    Could respond if I have any chance of power adiquirir solaresflexivis cells and apply them in our Prototype?

    Kindest regards

    Prof. Designer
    LEONE Fragassi (see more)


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