“Electranet” Could See Light Of Day


With his new-found movie star clout, former Vice President Al Gore has begun an aggressive environmental crusade for ground-breaking technology and policy changes to the nation’s electricity grid. Using the momentum of his Oscar-winning documentary on global warming, Gore is advocating a decentralized “smart grid” that would allow anyone to set up their own generator and buy or sell surplus electricity without caps. Such an “Electranet” would eliminate the need for new-generation plants, spark widespread use of renewable energy and, ultimately, beat back global warming.

“In the same way the Internet took off and stimulated the information revolution, we could see a revolution all across this country with small-scale generation of electricity everywhere,” Gore told a House committee on climate change last week.

Futuristic as it may sound, experts say that despite resistance from utilities and sluggish state bureaucracies, newly designed distribution grids could be just a decade away.

Via: LA Daily News

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  1. Sadly, the “Glory Days” of the “Cheap Oil Era’ draw to and end, as Wells run dry, Asia comes online for its share, and American consumption increases daily. Life style changes convulsive paradigm shifts in the American Dream lifestyle are in order! Expect wage- slavery in bunk-house style arrangements for Americans, Less private property, fewer private homes more collective rentals, increased “industrial feudalism, in the name of freedom and good wages for the American propagandized patriot, and the final death of democracy, from the cancer called corporatism! Expect and extreme right wing back lash to Obama’s leftist, semi socialist approach to America’s sicknesses, they will smash all he built and kill in the streets, even evoke racism to engage the masses and cause great damage to a sickened America. Asians will sell guns for profit and laugh at Americas great turmoils, as they do now! They personify America as a bad young whore who gets into much trouble, and unnecessarily, in this world as it is!

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