40,000 Homes Could Powered By Golden Gate Tidal Turbines


Tidal power could energize 40,000 homes in San Francisco. A study is being conducted to see if tidal power can be tapped by installing turbines on the sea floor below the Golden Gate Bridge. According to earlier studies, 40,000 San Franciscan homes could get clean energy from tidal turbines such as these. The California utility PG&E will be conducting the study, with help from the city of San Francisco and a green energy company.

Green Wombat has details of the project:

PG&E (PCG) will kick in $1.5 million for the study by outside experts, which will be completed in about a year. Depending on the outcome of the research, it could be three to five years before a tidal project goes online. Golden Gate Energy of Washington, D.C., currently holds the federal permits to conduct tidal power studies in San Francisco Bay and has committed $346,000 to the effort, according to PG&E. The joint study – the latest of several – will be only the first step in a complicated regulatory dance, complicated by a likely tussle over who ultimately wins the right to develop tidal power. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors recently voted to determine the feasibility of pulling the plug on PG&E and securing its own electricity supplies from renewable sources. A 400-megawatt tidal power plant would obviously help the city achieve that goal.

Via Green Wombat

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