Cube Gadget For Fridges Could Slash Electrical Use

cube_on_orange.gifThe e-cube, invented by British engineers, significantly reduces the energy used by fridges and freezers, which are estimated to consume about a fifth of all domestic electricity in the UK. The one-size-fits-all, retrofit, wax device, barely three inches wide, fits around the temperature sensor, to more accurately reflect the temperature of the contents. It said to cut power usage by 30%.

More information: The Guardian

Via: Free Energy News

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  1. This device increases the thermal time constant of the sensor– that is, it reduces the sensor’s sensitivity to temperature changes. That means your fridge will run longer when it runs, and stay off longer when it’s off. The ONLY net effect on energy consumption comes from reducing the time spent running the compressor before the fridge starts to cool. If your fridge is behaving properly, this time is a small fraction of the total cycle time. So this device can’t have a large effect on energy consumption. What it WILL do, however, without doubt, is cause an increase in freezer burn, which is proportional to the difference between the minimum and maximum temperature points during a single cooling cycle. It may also cause liquids in the refrigerator side to freeze, since the cooling cycle will run longer, pushing down the minimum temperature. Plus, you can reasonably assume that modern fridges already push the limit of cycle time in order to improve energy efficiency, so this device will go well beyond the reasonable limits established by the professional engineers who designed your fridge in the first place. So– all around, a bad idea with few if any redeeming qualities. Give it a miss.

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